24x7 Elevator Performance and Analytics

Remote monitoring of elevator usage (total runs, total number of runs per floor, door cycles, distance, speed, acceleration, vibration)

Usage Based Preventative Elevator Maintenance

Predictive maintenance using proprietary machine learning models

- Reduced elevator downtime

- Improved tenant experience

Flooding in Elevator Pit is a Real Problem

Extensive damage to a building (est. anywhere between $10,000 to $140,000). Typically the damages are in the following areas:

- Hoistway and pit equipment 

- Elevator car 

- Machine room equipment 

- Operating and signaling device

Tsaro's Water Sensing Solution

Includes Wireless Water Detection Sensors with up to 1200 foot range and 10 years battery life

- Remote Monitoring with web app

- Real time email notification

- Plug-n-Play