Tsaro is an emergency communications software and IoT sensor solutions company helping create safe communities.   

Our emergency communications (voice, video, and texting) web platform can be integrated with any VoIP / Video phone for on-site and remote monitoring during emergencies in elevators, parking lots, stairwells, entryways etc. Our solution fully complies with ASME A17.1-2019 / CSA B44:19 / IBC 3001.2-2018 code update requiring to provide two-way video and texting for deaf, hard of hearing, and speech impaired.  

Our sensor based asset management web platform is designed and developed primarily for the predictive maintenance of elevators. Using various sensors (motion, door open/close, voltage, temperature, humidity, water) we have an end-to-end solution to predict elevator breakdown, measurement and reporting of ride quality (ISO 8100-34:2021), and monitoring of the flooding in the elevator pit.        

We have strong partnerships with phone, camera, sensor, and network equipment manufacturers as well as fixture manufacturers to develop turnkey end-to-end solutions to meet our clients unique requirements.  

We are a team of individuals with strong business and technology experience in wireless, video surveillance, IoT, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence (AI).